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Thanks to your donations, grants and support, we're putting the "Park" back in Culver Park with our sustainable vertical community garden and water-wise succulent garden!

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See the debut of Culver Park's own dance team: The Culver Park Wolf Pack!

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This is an on-campus student-run group that formed organically when the students were offered a place to gather and "do their thing." The students asked for mirrors, and the school managed to purchase some low-cost college dorm-type mirrors at Target. With a few more touches, voila, it all began. Students do it all: from practice (they work at lunch and after school), to choreography, to costuming and beyond...the sky's the limit, and ALL students can have a part - not just the dancers. There's a secretary, a video and sound person, a make up artist, and so on - something for everyone, if they want to be involved. COME SEE US NEXT ON OCTOBER 30th FOR OUR SPECIAL HALLOWEEN PERFORMANCE!
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Uploaded by Ruth Morris.

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