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Student Behavior Expectations

Student Behavior Expectations




  • Be respectful of yourself, all others and school property at all times. Do not throw or waste food, liquids or other resources. Put trash in appropriate recycle bins.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to maintain a safe and respectful school environment. This includes no graphics or words that relate to sex, drugs or violence. No short shorts, midriffs, or sagging pants showing underwear.
  • Use appropriate language and volume in and out of the classrooms. Do not yell and/or use profanity.


Instructional Time


  • Be at school every day, in class and on time to each class. Be prepared for each class by bringing basic school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, and a notebook. 
  • Do your work throughout each class and follow the teacher’s directions. No disrupting class including talking to other students, walking around the classroom or going to another classroom without permission and talking loud or using profanity.
  • Maintain academic honesty in all your work.


Safety & Environment


  • Stay on campus throughout your school day including during breaks. Obtain permission from the office to leave campus during the school day.
  • Eat food provided by food services or bring food from home. Please note that food may not be brought to school after the school day has begun. You must keep your food with you. School facilities may not be used to store or heat food.
  • The following is prohibited: 
        • Using electronic devices in class (laptops, cell phones, music players, cameras, tablets, headphones, earphones) for any purpose other than schoolwork, as directed by the teacher.
        • Playing music that others can hear during any part of the school day including breaks. Music amplifiers will be confiscated.
        • Riding bicycles, skateboards or scooters on campus
        • Possession of laser pens
        • Possession of graffiti tools (markers, paint, etching, stickers)