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Welcome to the Culver Park High School website!  Please note: some parts of our website are under construction. If you are looking for information that you don't see posted here, please email us at: [email protected].

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Each student must meet the following district and State requirements in order to qualify for a diploma from Culver Park High School:


Completion of no less than 220 semester credits (listed below) of classroom or supervised activities in grades 9‑12 with passing grades. 


ENGLISH                    (40 semester credits)


English 9                                                               10 Credits

English 10                                                            10 Credits

English 11                                                            10 Credits

English 12                                                           10 Credits


SOCIAL STUDIES           (35 semester credits)


Global Issues                                                     5 Credits

World History                                                    10 Credits

U.S. History                                                        10 Credits

U.S. Government                                            5 Credits

Economics                                                           5 Credits


SCIENCE                             (25 semester credits)


Life Science (ex. Biology)                              10 Credits

Physical Science (ex. Earth Science)         10 Credits

Health                                                    5 Credits


MATHEMATICS                 (30 semester credits)

Note: All students must successfully complete Algebra 1 in order to receive a diploma.


FINE ART                             (10 semester credits)


WORLD LANGUAGE         (10 semester credits)


PHYSICAL EDUCATION  (20 semester credits)


ELECTIVES                        (50 semester credits)



SERVICE LEARNING (60 Hours in grades 9-12)

9th Grade        10 Hours

10th Grade      10 Hours

11th Grade      20 Hours

12th Grade      20 Hours