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Information for Graduating Seniors 2017

February 17, 2017


Dear Graduating Students and Parents,             


Graduation is fast approaching.  The Culver Park High School and iAcademy team join in congratulating you and your son/daughter for approaching the successful completion of our high school program.  This is an exciting time and we know you will feel a great sense of pride as you attend the graduation ceremony and recognize your son's/daughter's achievements.  This letter includes upcoming activities and critical information you need to know to successfully conclude this year and the high school experience.



 Graduation Ceremony Participation Requirements


Student must complete all course, credit, and service learning requirements and clear all detentions by Monday, June 5. It is crucial to understand that if any deficiencies still exist at the end of the day June 7th, the student will not be able to participate in graduation and will not receive a diploma until the deficiencies are cleared.  Only students who have completed all 220 credits and course requirements may participate in the graduation ceremony.  In addition, students must clear all detention hours and complete all service learning hours before they will receive their diploma.  Students who do not complete all requirements will have SIX MONTHS to complete the requirements to be eligible for their diploma.  


Please call Tasha to schedule a mandatory Graduation Status Meeting before March 22nd.  At this meeting you will receive an updated Graduation Check indicating all requirements your son/daughter still needs in order to graduate, including credits, courses, service learning, and detention hours that need to be cleared.  Staff will meet with you and Senior to review, discuss, and finalize a grad plan to ensure success. 


Senior Parent Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 22 at Culver Park from 5:00-6:00 pm. It will include a workshop on Scholarships & FAFSA and a workshop on Service Learning & Clearing Detention.


Mandatory Rehearsal - Thursday June 8. Rehearsal will start at exactly 9:00 am in the CCHS Gym and conclude at the Jerry Chabola Stadium. We will move through rehearsal as quickly as possible, but seniors are required to stay for the entire rehearsal.  Seniors who miss rehearsal will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony; no exceptions.


Senior Week Orientation – Tues., June 6 at 9:00-11:30 am in CCHS Gym.


  1. Optional Senior Activity

Senior Breakfast & Yearbook Signing– Wed., June 7 at 9:00 -10:15 am at CCHS cafeteria/lunch area -Free to the seniors; Dress appropriately; CCHS dress standard will be enforced. Students must clear all debts owed to the district for lost or damaged textbooks, library books, equipment, uniforms, cafeteria fees or any other outstanding balances no later than Monday June 5 in order to participate in the graduation ceremony and receive their diplomas.


Graduation Ceremony Details

  1. Date-Time-Location: Friday, June 9            5:00 pm             Jerry Chabola Stadium


  1. Tickets: Each senior will receive six (6) tickets on Thursday, June 8 at Culver Park after the graduation rehearsal. Every guest must have a ticket to enter the ceremony.  Limited extra tickets will go on sale on Monday, June 5 at 12:25 until sold out!! A maximum of 4 extra tickets per graduate may be purchased for $25 cash per ticket. Contact Ms. Guinn at 310-842-4200 x. 3322 for further information regarding additional tickets.


  1. Photographs: Grad Images is the official photographer. Each graduate will have their photograph taken as they receive their diploma cover during the ceremony.  Photographs will be available for purchase.  Price information will be available at a later date.  Visit or call 800-261-2576 for more information.  No one other than the official photographer will be allowed on the field to take pictures during the graduation ceremony.


  1. Behavior: Graduates may not have cell phones or other electronic devices during the ceremony with the exception of cameras that are not connected to cell phones or other electronics.  The ceremony is a formal celebration.  We expect the graduates not to call attention to themselves in any way that would disrupt the ceremony or cause embarrassment to the class. Any graduate who disrupts the ceremony in any way will not receive their diploma at that time and may be removed from the ceremony.  We, likewise, expect the same conduct from the audience.


  1. Diploma Pick-Up: The diplomas will be handed out after the ceremony until 7pm at Culver Park. Otherwise, you can pick it up at CCHS office between 8am-1pm from Tasha during the next week. 


  1. Senior Photography: CFP Photography is now scheduling optional cap & gown portraits.  They are offering a $15 special session fee until April 28th.  Call 310-821-7500 for more information.
  1. Cap & Gown: Seniors must wear a cap & gown ordered by CCHS/PTSA to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students may not alter the cap or gown in any manner including decorations and embellishments. The cost of the cap & gown is $30.  Cap & gown sales begin Friday, February 25th.  To order cap & gown, bring cash or check payable to CCHS/PTSA to Tasha at the Culver Park office.  It is $5 for the tassel only.  ‘The price will increase to $40 on April 15.  After April 15, sizing cannot be guaranteed. Caps & gowns will be distributed on Thursday, June 8 at Culver Park after the graduation rehearsal. Fees are not reimbursed if the student does not meet the graduation requirements listed above.




·   Date-Time:        Sat., May 20         7:00 pm to 11:00 pm 

·   Location:           The Autry National Center (4700 Western Heritage Way, LA, 90027)

                                 Students will not be allowed to arrive after 8:00 pm or leave before 10:15 pm.


  • Bids (approx $85-$110) will be sold 4/26-5/18 and can be purchased from Tasha; contract is required. Personal checks will not be accepted after Friday, May 5. Bids may be used only by the student who makes the purchase.  Your name and your guest’s name are registered when you buy your bid.  If you wish to bring someone under the age of 21 who is not a Culver Park or CCHS student, you must fill out a guest application when purchasing your bid. CCHS has the non-negotiable right to deny any guest pass for a reasonable cause. 


  • Photographs: CFP Photography is the official photographer. They will be offering special prices for advance purchases.  Information will be provided with the Prom contract.  For more information call 310-821-7500. 


·   Behavior:  This is a formal dinner/dance and formal attire and proper etiquette is required and expected.

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone attending the Prom, possession or use of intoxicants of any kind will not be tolerated.  All persons, students and guests, are subject to a security check at the entrance to Autry National Center by event security.  Anyone found to be intoxicated and/or in possession of alcohol or an illegal substance will not be admitted and will be ejected (without reimbursement of Prom bid) and/or will be subject to police investigation.  Students will be subject to further disciplinary action including suspension from school and the graduation ceremony.  Smoking is prohibited during the Prom activity.  These rules apply to ALL students and guests, regardless of age.  After-Prom events and hotel room rentals are discouraged.  Parents are cautioned that they assume liability if they authorize, condone or arrange for after-Prom events, including renting of hotel rooms.  Students that sell or promote such events on campus will be subject to school disciplinary actions.

   Participation Requirements: 1) no more than 3 total unexcused absences, truancies, or tardies to any one period from Feb 27-May 19, 2) no behavior infractions from Feb 27-May 19, 3) all previous detentions cleared by May 19 and 4) must attend all classes on Friday May 19.


  • CULVER CITY COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD NIGHTis Monday night, June 5 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the Farragut Elementary School Cafeteria.  Some deserving seniors are awarded college scholarships from our community.  All recipients are expected to dress appropriately.  Gentlemen:  shirt and tie.  Ladies:  dressy slacks, dresses, skirts and blouses or sweaters.  No jeans, shorts, athletic shoes and beach shoes. 



Regular attendance throughout the school year is expected, but is extremely important during the final months of school. All students who are absent from school must present a valid excuse.


There is no acceptable "Senior Prank". It is important to understand that any individual involved in a "prank" will be denied participation in the graduation ceremony and subject to further disciplinary action and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.  School Security patrols the campuses 24 hours per day.


Although appropriate behavior is expected at all times, it is critical for seniors to make good decisions during the remaining weeks in school, including school activities. Any severe or continuous inappropriate behavior will result in a student being removed from the activity and/or subsequent activities, including the graduation ceremony.


  • Personal checks will NOT be accepted, for anything after Friday, May 5.


  • Culver Park High School or iAcademy is NOT sponsoring, nor do we promote a senior class trip.


The information provided in this letter is intended to assist you in preparing for and enjoying your senior activities and graduation.  We truly hope each of you will look back on these experiences as the best of times.  Enjoy the remainder of your Senior Year.


Best wishes to each graduate for a successful and rewarding future!  See you on Wednesday, March 22. 



Veronica Montes


Summary of IMPORTANT dates 2017


Wed.    March 22          Senior Parent Meeting – 5:00-6:00 pm in Room 3, Open House 6:00-7:00 pm (Culver Park & iAcademy)

Fri.        May 5                  Last day for any payments by personal check

Sat.       May 20               Senior Prom – The Autry National Center -7:00 – 11:00 pm

Mon.   May 29               MEMORIAL DAY – NO SCHOOL

Mon.    June 5                  Last day to submit all course work

Mon.    June 5                  Culver City Community Scholarship Award Night - 7:00-9:00 pm Farragut Cafeteria

Mon.    June 5                  Last day to clear all deficiencies (detentions, service learning)

Mon.    June 5                  Last day to clear all financial debts

TuesJune 6                   9 am – 11:30 am Senior Week Orientation/Yearbook Presentation- CCHS Gym

Tues.   June 6                  1:30 pm-2:00 am Grad Night at Disneyland

Wed.   June 7                   8 am- 10:00 am - Senior Breakfast/Yearbook Signing Party – CCHS cafeteria/lunch area

Thur.   June 8                  9 am Grad Rehearsal - CCHS Gym  

Fri.      June 9                    No classes for seniors

                                                3:00 pm - Seniors report to CCHS Gym

                                                5:00 pm – Graduation at Jerry Chabola Stadium