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Welcome to the Culver Park High School website!  Please note: some parts of our website are under construction. If you are looking for information that you don't see posted here, please email us at: [email protected]
Lunch & Learn Opportunities » Lunch & Learn Opportunities

Lunch & Learn Opportunities

Culver Park (& IAcademy high school students) are welcome to attend Lunch & Learn sessions at Culver City High School provided they have fulfilled the following requirements:
1) The student has requested and obtained a PASS from the CPHS Main Office (see Ruth Morris/Bill Lockhart) 
2) The student has met academic progress and attendance requirements (see Ruth Morris/Bill Lockhart)
3) The student has RSVP'd to the event via the CPHS Main Office (see Ruth Morris/Bill Lockhart)
4) In order for the time absent from CPHS to be excused, students must obtain a signature from College & Career Counselor Adrienne Madrid while they are on the CCHS campus before returning to the CPHS campus. The pass must be shown to Tonya McLinn to excuse the absence.
5) The student adheres to the Culver City High School policies as follows:
a. No hoodies or hats (other than CCHS) and other clothing policies
b. Electronics policies
c. Profanity/language policies
d. Other