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Some more interesting college choices...



And here are a few alternative options for four-year degrees that you may want to consider:


OTIS College of Art and Design

Otis is a highly recognized and distinguished art and design school. Some of the majors offered by Otis include: architecture, landscape, interiors, communication arts (advertising, graphic design, illustration), digital media (animation, game & entertainment design, and motion design), fashion design, fine arts, product design, and toy design. Financial aid is available! For more information, please visit the OTIS website.


Application Process:

  1. Complete an application online on the OTIS website.
  2. Pay the $60 application fee.
  3. Submit your portfolio (10-20 pieces of your best work). For more information on the portfolio guidlines, please visit
  4. Write a one page essay.
  5. Submit your transcripts.
  6. Submit your SAT/ACT test scores.

National University

National University is a large nonprofit university that offers a wide variety of degrees in areas of: Business and Management; Education; Engineering and Computing; Health and Human Services; and Professional Studies; and the College of Letters and Sciences. They accept applications year round and each program has different application requirements. Please visit the National University website for more information.


Musicians Institute

The Musicians Institute is a college of contemporary music that offers a wide variety of music degrees. Some of the degrees offered are: Bachelor of Music in Composition, Bachelor of Music in Performance, Associate of Arts in Performance, and Certificate in Performance. They offer an Entertainment Industry emphasis, which includes, audio engineering, independent artist program, music business, and guitar craft. For more information on the programs and applying, please visit the Musicians Institute website.


Finally, if you are all ready and set to go to Santa Monica City College or El Camino, check these programs out!  They are highly recommended by former Culver Park High School students.  Class of 2015 grade Ricky Zaragoza says, "SMC Summer Jams was AMAZING!" Read more...