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College & Career Preparation

College and Career




Are you considering college?

Are you interested in finding a job?

You have come to the right place!

Here you can find information and resources to help you make your decisions!



California Community Colleges:


Community Colleges are a great place to start your higher education. They offer a variety of associate degrees, certificates, and now a few even offer bachelor’s degrees!


Many students attend community college to complete lower division courses, and then transfer to a university to complete their Bachelor’s degree. This is a much cheaper option, and it also helps prepare you for University coursework. Transfer students do not need to take the SAT or ACT.


“A Degree with a Guarantee”

There is a program available to California community college students that guarantee admission to a CSU! It is a special associate degree for transfer. It is currently limited to certain majors. These majors are listed on the program website:


There are many community college campuses located in California. Fortunately some of the best are very close to Culver City! Click on the links below for application information:



to name a few...more information to come.  And, if you are serious about applying to SMC or El Camino, check this out:


Summer Jams @ SMC!

Summer Jams is a 10 day orientation designed for incoming freshman to ease the transition from High School to College. It includes fun dynamic activities that will strengthen your study skills and introduce you to college-level coursework. It also includes free tutoring, priority enrollment, academic counseling, and guaranteed Math & English classes! For more information please visit the Summer Jams website.


  • To qualify for Summer Jams:

-You need to be a first time college student.

-Place into pre-college level math and english during the SMC assessment tests.

-Be available during the entire two weeks of the summer program.

  • To apply for Summer Jams:

            -Check the SMC Summer Jams website at the end of fall semester for the summer 2016

application information to be released!


Or, if El Camino is your preference, try...


First Year Experience @ El Camino!


The First Year Experience (FYE) at El Camino College is a program designed to prepare incoming freshman for academic success in college. It includes a summer orientation, as well as events throughout the school year. If you decide to participate in the FYE you will be offered early registration, a FYE counselor, learning community courses, college success strategies, field trips to various universities, guest speakers, and peer mentors. Please visit the El Camino College First Year Experience website for more information!




California State University (CSU):


Most careers require at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you are serious about obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, you may want to consider a CSU. A CSU is a great choice if you want a high quality education that is much cheaper than a UC or private university.


CSU campuses are located all throughout California. If you don’t want to travel too far from home, they have a few campuses located in Los Angeles County. Below are the links to the freshman requirements page for each university:



  1. Specific courses taken in High School. Please visit for a list of these courses. These courses need to be completed with at least a C or better.
  2. SAT or ACT test completion.
  3. Graduation from High School.



Applications for Fall 2016 will open October 1st! The deadline to submit these applications is on November 30th!!!


CSU campuses use the website for applications.

            The CSU Mentor website has many resources, including:

  • Applying online. Click here for instructions.
  • Information to explore all the CSU campuses and majors.
  • High school planner (Assists 9th-12th graders in planning to meet the college entrance requirements).
  • Financial aid
  • ACT and SAT information


*You can log on to CSU Mentor and create an account today!




CSU campuses use either the SAT or the ACT to determine your “eligibility index”. The eligibility index is a weighted combination of your High School GPA (10th-12th grade) and your SAT or ACT test score.


**In many cases, you will need to have taken an SAT once in order to apply to many four-year colleges.


Take practice SAT tests online here! 

*For more information about general CSU requirements, please visit:



  • ACT: The ACT is an achievement test that measures what you have learned in high school. It consists of english, math, reading, and science sections. It also has an optional writing test that is not required by CSU campuses for admission. Please visit for more information on the test, practice resources, and scheduling.


*These tests are often taken during the spring semester of your junior year in High School. This will provide you with an opportunity to retake the test, if needed, in the fall semester of your senior year. Your last opportunity to take the tests is in December (You must register one month before).



FAFSA (Financial Aid)

The FAFSA process can seem intimidating and difficult, but it is actually quite easy if you know what you are doing. Click on the link below for detailed information and resources on the starting and completing the FAFSA.


Career/Job Resources:

Are you having trouble deciding what career is right for you? is a great resource for career exploration, training, and jobs. You can find a great deal of information on different careers and take assessment tests for your interests and skills.


Have you ever wondered what the career you want is actually like? Visit the FAFSA Made Easy youtube channel for videos that highlight the day-to-day activities of professionals working in field you are interested in!


Snag A Job is a good resource for finding a job in your area. You need to create an account as a “Job Seeker”. Once you create an account you can search for jobs by name or openings in your area. There are links provided for you to apply for the jobs online straight from the website. They even provide you with some advice and resources if you are having trouble “snagging” a job:

  1. Check for application errors. Ask someone to proofread your application/resume, don’t just depend on spell check!
  2. Follow up! Call, send an e-mail, or even visit job sites that you have applied for. If you visit, dress professionally and have your resume handy. It shows you are motivated and have enthusiasm for the job, which could make you stand out. Be sure not to interrupt the manager while they are busy, and do not follow up if the job posting says not to.
  3. Apply more. If you are not getting job offers, maybe you need to send out more applications. Applying for 20 jobs may seem like a lot, but every application increases your chances! You may also need to consider applying for the jobs you are not so excited for. You are just beginning, and you currently do not have the education and experience to land your dream job right away. Everyone has to start somewhere. Any type of experience is better than no experience. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you learn and who you meet at any job!
  4. Have patience. Job searching can be discouraging at times if you are not getting many offers. The important thing is to never give up and continue to apply to as many jobs as you can!


  • What student job is right for you? Take the quiz online below!


  • Stay up to date with all the information and resources. Follow Snagajob on Facebook!


Having trouble with your resume? has some great tips on writing resumes, the do’s and dont’s of resumes, sample resumes, and templates! They also have resources for job interviews!