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Welcome to the Culver Park High School website!  Please note: some parts of our website are under construction. If you are looking for information that you don't see posted here, please email us at: [email protected]

Updated Rules & Regulations



CCUSD’s initiative to support the whole child blends with the State of California’s changes in methods of addressing discipline issues. “Restorative Practices” is a movement grounded in principles designed to create powerful relationships, which are central to building thriving communities. This represents a paradigm shift that focuses on harm done, rather than the rule broken, and in the restoration of relationships. Our goal is not to simply punish a student for a wrong-doing, but, instead, to use it as a learning experience for those involved, thus improving a student’s future behavior.


To that end, detentions may be accumulated in the following ways: tardiness, truancy, disruptive behavior, profanity, and other violations of school norms. At Culver Park High School, we offer students daily opportunities to earn redemption time that restores their record, effectively making them “whole” again.


Having said the above, what follows are our minimum expectations for positive culture-building behavior at Culver Park High School: 




  • Be respectful of your peers, school personnel and school property at all times.
  • Wear appropriate attire. The following is considered inappropriate at school: graphics or words that relate to sex, drugs, alcohol or violence, and clothing that do not cover undergarments.
  • Use appropriate language and volume in and out of the classrooms. Inappropriate language includes: profanity, hate speech and sexual innuendo. 
  •  Attend school every day: be on time to school and to every class.
  • Be prepared for each class by bringing basic school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, a notebook, etc..
  • Do your work throughout each class and follow the teacher’s directions. Do not disrupt the classroom, including side conversations with other students, walking around the classroom or visiting other classrooms without permission.
  • Maintain academic honesty in all your work.
  • Personal electronic devices cannot be visible or used in the classroom; this includes charging them. When using school-issued devices (like Chromebooks, students are to stay on the task at hand. Flipping screens to YouTube, games, social media or the like is a violation of this “learning” policy. Classroom phones are not for student use. 


Safety & Environment
  •  Stay on campus throughout the school day. Do not go onto any other school campus during their school day. This is considered trespassing and will be cited.
  • Put waste in appropriate bins. Do not throw or waste food, liquids or other resources.
  • Eat food provided by Food Services or bring food from home. Students may not have food delivered or brought, nor may school facilities be used to store or heat food.
  • The following items and/or actions are prohibited on campus:
    • Being under the influence of any controlled substances or intoxicants.
    • Taking photos, videos or audio recordings of any person(s) without their explicit permission
    • Using music amplifiers
    • Riding of bicycles, skateboard or scooters on campus. Skateboards and scooters must be stored in the main office.
    • Possession of laser pens, graffiti tools, sharp objects, dangerous weapons, firearms, explosives
    • Possessing controlled substances of any kind, drug/smoking paraphernalia, lighters, matches or incendiary objects
And although we do believe in, and practice, restorative justice, depending on the severity of the disturbance, he following consequences may be applied at any time: 


Violations of Behavior Expectations will result in one or more of these consequences:


 Tardies and unexcused absences

 Parent notified

 Detention hours assigned

 Truancy

 Student conference

 Parent-student-admin designee conference

 Referral to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board)

 Ineligibility to participate in CCHS or CPHS activities

 Citation


Campus disruption/defiance (resistance or disregard of classroom, school, and community behavior expectations)


 1st offense: teacher-student conversation; detention assigned

 2nd offense: teacher informs parent; teacher-student conference; detention assigned;

 3rd offense: teacher-student-parent-admin designee conference; detention assigned

 Future offenses – Student may be dropped from the class and must retake class elsewhere

Students may be removed from a classroom in cases of safety or extreme defiance




 1st offense – Student receives a zero on the assignment(s) and may not redo it

 2nd offense – Student receives a zero on the assignment(s) and may not redo it; parent conference required before student can continue in course

 Future offenses – Student is dropped from the class and must retake class elsewhere


Defacing/destroying school property


 Item confiscated; detention hours assigned

 Student-admin designee conference; parent notified

 Student-parent-admin designee conference

 Community service or financial restitution

 Mandatory counseling

 Citation


Improper use of electronic devices


 1st offense –Device confiscated; returned to student at the end of the day

 2nd offense – Device confiscated; parent contacted; returned to student at the end of the day

 3rd offense – Device confiscated; parent contacted; returned to student at the end of the next day

 Future Offenses – Device confiscated; parent-student-admin designee conference; returned to parent after conference


The following items or activities may result in suspension, expulsion, and/or police citation:


 Fighting, bullying, or harassment towards others including electronic, verbal or physical threats

 Theft, destruction and defacing of school property

 Possessing any item considered a dangerous weapon including knives, firearms and explosives

 Possessing, selling, furnishing, or being under the influence of any controlled substance, drugs, alcohol, intoxicant or its paraphernalia.

 Possessing or using tobacco/cigarettes and any incendiary objects


When a student is suspected of being under the influence of intoxicants, at the discretion of any faculty or administrative staff, they may be subject to:

 Search

 Video camera review

 Referral to school nurse's office

 Inform parents and/or law enforcement

 Immediate pick up by parents/guardians/school security/law enforcement 

Police citation