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Bulletin Board » iPads to Pad our Resumes!

iPads to Pad our Resumes!

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iPads to Pad Our Student’s Resumes!

Our students need four iPads to help us integrate California Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum in our four continuation high school classrooms.

My Students

My students attend a continuation/alternative high school which has been undergoing a positive transformation. Many of them come to us extremely credit deficient and unable to graduate on a traditional high school track. Instead of giving up, they choose to continue their education with our school community, so that they may matriculate back to the comprehensive high school, or graduate with us. Attendance being the main factor contributing to lack of school success, we have had a lot of success by motivating our students to attend school by engaging their interests via various classroom and school-wide arts and media based projects.

My students are wonderful, creative students who don't fit into the traditional classroom environment.

Old school continuation schools just gave students packets of worksheets to complete at their own pace, or not. Our school now provides teacher-facilitated instruction to help guide them through not only necessary academic skills, but by adding elements of Career and Technical Education, to prepare them for life after diploma. With this request, we are seeking to add student-centered media arts capabilities to all of our classrooms, enabling students to create original videos and music.

My Project

My students need four iPads to help us promote a California Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum in our continuation/alternative high school. One shared iPad per classroom will enable students to learn and utilize visual editing and music production applications.

We collaborate with Actors Gang, artworksLA, k9 Connection, Red Hen Press and the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts throughout the school year, but we do not have the equipment to record these and other events and share them with our learning community. Further, we want to be able to allow students to report the results of their academic research utilizing media arts in addition to written and oral reports.

Students will be able to use the iPads to record and edit the amazing progress they are making in their social and academic learning environment. We will share this on our school website to share the progress that we are making. Ultimately, we can also correct the misconceptions that others may have about our continuation high school; we hope to eradicate the stigma that our students are the "bad kids,” when they actually just thrive in a more individualized environment for learning.